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Some Like it Hot, The Power Station

I love dark chocolate. I love seafood. I love veggies. I love French fries. I love chips. I also love all of these things spicy!  I love, Love,  LOVE hot and spicy foods! 

I don’t know if it has something to do with me being born and raised in South Louisiana, or if it is just in me, but I have a thing for spicy foods. I wouldn’t say I’m an addict, but I do enjoy a little heat with my food. As a kid I had to have hot and spicy chips.  You name the type, it had to be spicy. 


As I got older, I enjoyed spicy seafood. I looked forward to crawfish boils, so I could indulge in spicy boiled crawfish, corn, and potatoes. If I ordered chicken, I had to have spicy.  Mild just wouldn’t do it for me. There’s even a chili sauce that Wendy’s has that I have to have on my fries.

You won’t catch me at any hot and spicy food eating contests or anything, but I have given some rather hot foods a try.  There is a wing restaurant called Pluckers that I feel have the best wings. (I am not a wing fanatic, but when I do have a craving for wings, Pluckers is my spot!) Well,  Pluckers has this sauce called “Fire in the Hole” and it is their hottest sauce. 


Photo Source: bbchickenwing.blogspot.com

They have a wall of fame and shame if you choose to eat a certain amount of their wings covered in this sauce.  I haven’t done the challenge, but my brother ordered some and I tried one. My mouth was on fire, and my eyes began to water. I left the rest to my brother to deal with! I love a good hot and spicy sauce, but that was a bit much for me.

Finally, my love for sweets meet my love for heat. That’s right, dark chocolate and spicy red chili. Lindt makes this sweet heat combination that I fell in love with a few years ago.


Photo Source: amazon.com

My husband and I had been trying different types of dark chocolates. The chocolate and nut combination was pretty good, but nothing to brag about. Dark chocolate and fruit was pretty good. Dark chocolate and sea salt will always be a favorite, but nothing compared to the dark chocolate and chili mix.  My husband even baked me a devil’s food cake with cayenne pepper in it, since I had loved the pair together so much! Best cake ever! He is so creative!


K. A. Smith

The Allure and False Promises of Tomorrow

This is a great post for everyone! Check it out!


Here in La Chez Ayers, we seem to have a never ending list of things we would like to implement in our lives. Our to-do list, our betterment list our will we ever grow the f* up list. We both have our individual lists that we’ve discussed so that we can see they are things moving us in the direction of where we want our family to be.

My list includes:

1. To exercise daily

2. Write a weekly blog post (It’s good for me to practice even if my hear truly desires to be writing narrative)

3. Read 100 pages a day (This is a stretch and I am considering knocking it down to 50)

4. To work on relearning Latin (Because we want to classically homeschool our children)

5. To keep the damn house cleaner (I hate cleaning, for many reasons, mostly because it’s boring)

None of these…

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Thank You, Graçias, and Merci!


I just reached 100 followers! A huge Thank You to ALL of you! I greatly appreciate the love that has been shown over the past month. It has been a great first month of blogging!

I will continue to keep everyone motivated, become more familiar with who you are and what you have to offer the world. I want to encourage everyone to comment as often as possible. I love feedback and I enjoy conversations.

Again Thank You, Graçias, and Merci!

K. A. Smith


Day Twelve: My Community Inspiration


Photo Source: aspenpitkin.com
I know I commented on this post three days ago, but this post has been on my mind ever since. The storytelling skills this blogger has are beyond amazing. She has truly inspired me. I actually re-blogged her post because her story is just that good. Here is a link to the post Intruder… by Millie Anne Lowe.

Intruder… is a true story, but as I was reading it so many thoughts ran through my mind as to what would happen next. There were too many “what ifs” to leave in her comments. So here are a few more.

-What if the intruder had been hypnotized?

-What if the intruder was blind and thought he was in a home he knew, but realized things didn’t feel right, so he didn’t move?

-What if the intruder saw a ghost outside?

Please read The Intruder…and share your thoughts on what you thought was really going on with the intruder.


K. A. Smith

Red Wig and A Trendy Wardrobe

Black hair…check
Clothes that I finally settled on because it was all I felt comfortable in…check


Welcome to my world!  A few facts before I go on.  I am 5’1″, and I don’t have a shape that makes me want to run out and go shopping for clothes. My hair has been black (unless I had highlights), for all of my life.  This is my world, my reality.

Now, welcome to my fantasies, my dreams!

I am now 5’5″ with a body of someone like Kim Kardashian. My hair red.  Not fire engine red like Rhianna’s hair, more like Debra Messing, who played Grace on Will & Grace. I have a closet filled with the latest fashions, the trending pieces the celebrities are covered in on magazine covers. I own my look when I step out for the day.  I don’t mind the attention, in fact I welcome it with open arms. This is my fantasy, my dream.

K. A. Smith

Lyrics I Love: Seasons Change

Since I didn’t have time to post my music related post last Friday. I’ll post it today. Plus my Blogging 101 assignment is complete so…here we go! 

I will be discussing lyrics I love from songs I love even more. Today’s lyrics are from Seasons Change by Exposé

Some dreams are in the night time
And some seem like yesterday
But leaves turn brown and fade
Ships sail away
You long to say a thousand words
But seasons change

The focus of this song is change. The chorus says, “Seasons change, people change.” I find this song to be a reminder of how life works. Just as the seasons change over a given time span, so do people, so does life.

Dreams, leaves, and thoughts all fade with time.  Time doesn’t wait for you to freeze your dreams. The leaves of the Summer will in time turn brown and fade as Autumn takes over. The ships have to move on.  There is a time for them to sail and a time for them to dock.  Thoughts, longing to be converted into spoken words,   are never spoken because the opportunity has passed.  Time has passed.

Let me know your thoughts, opinions and your take on today’s Lyrics I Love!

Complete Lyrics can be found here.

K. A. Smith

Colorful Personalities| What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?


Photo Source: kurtkoontz.com

I am sitting here as my two year old son eats a pack of fruit snack gummy candies. The package is orange, and the candies inside are either red, purple, green,  blue,  yellow, or orange. He is instantly excited about the orange package. He tells me, “Orange Mommy”, while chewing on one of the candies. He always recognizes orange, and appears more interested in that particular color.

Now, I am wondering if orange is his favorite color. This lead me to wonder about what your favorite color says about your personality. I recall reading about this type of personality quiz a while back and decided to Google to see what the color orange would reveal.


Photo Source: depositphotos.com

Here is the site I went to. My curiosity about what my own favorite color would reveal caused me to go straight to purple. After reading the description, and asking my husband for a second opinion, I concluded my favorite color does not describe me at all! 

Purple: Purples are highly individual, fastidious, witty and sensitive, with a strong desire to be unique and different. Temperamental, expansive and artistic, a Purple person may become aloof and sarcastic when misunderstood. If you chose Purple, you tend to be unconventional, tolerant and dignified, likely to achieve positions of authority.

On to orange…

Orange: This color of luxury and pleasure appeals to the flamboyant and fun-loving person who likes a lively social round. Orange people may be inclined to dramatize a bit, and people notice them, but they are generally good-natured and popular. They can be a little fickle and vacillating, but on the whole they try hard to be agreeable. Orange is the color of youth, strength, fearlessness, curiosity and restlessness.

This describes my two year old perfectly! He is so filled with life and adventure. There is never, and I mean never a dull moment with him.

Take a look at the website and see if your favorite color matches your personality!
Feel free to comment with your results.

By the way…I am really a maroon!

K. A. Smith

Leslie’s Wrath


Every morning it’s the same thing: wake up,  shower, put on gym clothes, brush teeth, throw hair in a quick ponytail, and head out to the gym with protein shake in hand. But today something was different.   December 1, 2013, it was a cloudy, Sunday morning. Not that that was anything to be alarmed about. Neither were the droplets of rain that began to fall on Corrine’s black Nissan Altima. No,  it was something else.  Something different. Something different that Corrine Taylor would soon find out. 

She could sense that something was not right about the day, and almost went back into her 2 bedroom cottage style home. The home she had bought when she first moved to Baton Rouge from New Orleans. A home which symbolized new beginnings and fresh starts.  New Orleans, Louisiana was Corrinne’s home for all of her life until earlier that year when she made the eighty mile interstate drive to her new home.

Corrinne’s job in wireless sales was the cause for the move. Odyssey Wireless was the top wireless provider in the country and had been opening new locations in booming markets.  Baton Rouge was one of those, and required some experienced sales reps to help get the store’s sales rolling. Being a senior sales rep made  Corrine the perfect candidate to join the new Baton Rouge location.

Everything had been going well since the move in March. Corrine was settled in her new home. Her commissions had nearly doubled in her new market, she purchased a new car, and had more new friends than she could have expected. However, something just wasn’t right about this dreary Sunday morning.

As Corrine gets in her car and starts the car with the Push to Start feature she was thrilled to have, Rhianna’s Broken Dishes blares from the car’s speakers. She quickly turned the volume down to zero in her attempt to recover from being startled by her previous jam session the night before. Corrinne enjoyed turning her music up extra loud when she got off from work, but always regretted it in the morning when the volume scared her into a mini heart attack.

After a few deep breaths and some laughs, Corrinne changes from CD to Radio and slowly increases the volume. 96.1 is on the dial, and a commercial plays throughout the car.  Nope. She changes the station to 94.1, the latest from 2 Chainz is playing. Nope.  102.5 is her next stop.  She decides that local radio talk was better than what she had gone through so far. Two radio personalities were talking about something as Corrine’s phone rings. I’ll answer it later. She thought. I need to get to the gym. Before backing out of her driveway she turns the volume up so she could hear the conversation on air,

“…depression 11 has formed in the Gulf of Mexico and is strengthening as we speak. The National Hurricane Center had been eyeing this system for development throughout the night. No one expected it to strengthen at such an alarming rate. With temperatures being unseasonably warm for December, this thing has a great chance of becoming a named storm within the next twenty-four to fourty-eight hours. We’ll keep you posted as the information updates.”

It’s December 1st!  Hurricane Season ended yesterday!!  This is so unreal.

To be continued…

K. A. Smith

Don’t Call a Plumber…I Can Handle it


Building a house, remodeling, or renovating all require special skills.  Handy skills. Skills which, without watching countless hours of YouTube videos, I do not posess. The most I could probably do would be turn on the light switch to see if the light fixture was installed properly.

Since I worked for a home improvement store’s call center in the plumbing department, and was designated as the “flooring” expert, I would love to be handy in one of those areas. Most of what my job entailed was sales, and basic product knowledge. Not quite enough to get my hands dirty with any installation or maintenance.

P-Traps,  trip levers,  overflows, and rough ins, yeah I have the lingo, now I just need the Plumbing 101 lesson plan to actually put these words to use.  After seeing so many beautiful kitchens and bathrooms, plumbing would be a great skill to have. It would definitely save money when building my dream home.  Let’s not talk about repairs! I am not sure what the going rate for a plumber is, but I’ve watched enough sitcoms to know people don’t want to pay those prices.


K. A. Smith


Please read this story! It will have your brain working throughout the story. You will also feel like you are a part of this amazingly eventful story. This is a must read that will definitely have you wanting more! Millie Anne Lowe is a great writer, and storyteller. Follow her blog, you will enjoy it!

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