Emptying My Thoughts: Night Five

Hallucinations by dvsn softly playing

Today is Administrative Professionals Day, and the owners and management went all out for us!  The meeting room was decorated, food was made for us by one of the owners,  we received gifts,  we had an extended (uninterrupted) lunch, and one of the managers in the office even sang for us!  It was a good day at the office today.

I still have finishing my bachelor’s degree on my mind and becoming more accomplished. I also need to learn how to skate before June!  I guess some goals are easier than others.

Well that’s all for tonight. I don’t have that much bogging down my mind tonight. I’m headed to Slumberland. Check out some of my latest posts if you find yourself up for a little while longer.  ☺

Truth in Disguise
Ghostly Giggle

Have Mercy by Eryn Allen Kane playing in the background

Truth in Disguise

I originally posted this a few years ago and today’s Daily Prompt made me think about it. I decided to add to it and incorporate the word “mask”. I hope everyone enjoys it. Especially since I don’t usually write poetry.


Photo Source: dailyreckoning.com

You tell me what you want me to hear
Even though you’re full of lies
But the truth is what I want to hear
Not the truth in disguise.

You don’t want to hurt me
Therefore you lie when I ask
When will you tell me
The truth behind the mask

<a href=”Mask“>Mask

The Fog

It is unclear what lies ahead. I am uncertain with each step forward. I cannot see what is right before me,  and I can hardly make out what I have left behind.  One foot in front of the other. Taking my time as I move forward into the unknown. Nothing I recognize yet, but everything seems familiar.

There is a break in The Fog, but only for a split second. Immediately, I am blinded just as quickly as the unknown was visible. What did I see?  Why did I not see more? Unprepared for the abrupt change before my eyes, my brain was unable to interpret what my eyes had viewed in the rapid change that occurred right in front of me.


Photo Source: pinterest.com

The Fog is now denser than ever. I can no longer find my way.  Lost in this white darkness I feel trapped. I need more support. I reach out and feel around in this mysterious place as I walk forward. One foot in front of the other. One foot in front of the other. Slowy, I am able to see past my hands.  A gradual steady lifting of The Fog gives me a sense of hope.

The Fog has lifted and darkness is upon me.  Only two streets lined with street lights greet me.  I have reached a fork in the road. What do I do now? I can see clearly and I still do not know what to do. I guess I will use the senses and resources I have available. Be observant. And as always, one step at a time. One foot in front of the other. Just as I did…in The Fog.


Emptying My Thoughts: Night Four

Today was a pretty productive day at work. I still have tons of things to do,  but it is slowly but surely all coming together.

Nothing major really happened today. I have been thinking about ways to get out of this work function on Thursday, but I haven’t been able to come up with something good and convincing enough. I swear I hate having social anxiety! Why does it have to be so difficult to socialize with people away from work who I interact with on a daily basis? I guess I will keep thinking of something.

I have been listening to some great music lately thanks to Google Music! I have been listening to new music from some of my favorite artists, and discovering new artists along the way.  A few of my favorites are Nao, Lion Babe, MAAD*MOISELLE, Kiiara, Jamie Woon, Eryn Allen Kane, Lostboycrow, Kelela, Johnny Rain, and Dvsn. I also checked out Tamia’s latest album titled Love Life on Spotify. I really enjoyed it.  Tamia is one of my favorite artists of all time. She remains true to her sound,  and that is what makes me enjoy her music.

Well, that’s all for tonight. I’m headed to Slumberland. Good night ☺

hoi polloi: Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day

Word of the Day – hoi polloi: the common people; the masses. http://dictionary.reference.com/wordoftheday/2016/04/19 at Dictionary.com


Emptying My Thoughts: Night Three

The life of a mom is truly an interesting one. One kid was throwing up this morning. The other is in the nurse’s office at school because of a really bad headache. I am the mom who worries when her kids are anything other than themselves. They both ended up feeling better, and that’s great, but I still worry. 

I also had to stay home from work today to sit with the little one. I thought it would be a peaceful day as my son rested.  That didn’t happen at all.  He wanted to play and watch every movie he owns. Pretty much everything but rest.  By the way he’s four, and has the energy of four people. Long story short, I did not have a peaceful day.

Now I have to return to work and play catch up on my catch up work.  I am going to go to sleep with nothing but positive thoughts about tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a good day!

I gave today’s Daily Prompt plenty of thought and really couldn’t come up with anything. My mind is so filled with worry and “what ifs” I can’t seem to get my creative juices flowing.

I love writing, but just like everything else, I  begin comparing myself with others. I feel like my writing is not good enough because it doesn’t sound or flow like the next blogger’s work.  I know it’s something I need to get over, and I’m trying.

That’s about all that’s flooding my mind.  Hopefully it’s left here and doesn’t follow me to Slumberland! Good night ☺

I’m Ready!- Why I Like Spongebob Squarepants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?  I can only think about Spongebob Squarepants. If you know someone, or rather something living in a pineapple anywhere. Please let me know. Anyway,  Spongebob is everywhere and completely unavoidable for me. My kids love him and truth be told…so do I.

Photo Source

If you aren’t a fan of the talking yellow sponge who is the picture of optimism, you probably don’t understand why an adult (or anyone for that matter) would love such a show.  Well, I will let you know why I do. First,  I need to let you know that this show takes you so far from reality, why wouldn’t you enjoy it?  At the end of my day I am tired of people discussing the world and its plethora of issues. I am exhausted from hearing and reading about #RichPeoplesProblems. And honestly I am about done with the things I personally have to deal with in my own life. That is why I turn to none other than Spongebob and his friends down in Bikini Bottom.

I actually started watching this show when it first started and then never really got into it.  Fast-forward some years.  Add two kids. Now I have become a fan of the foolery that occurs under the sea. From the money, money, money attitude of Mr Krabs, to the paranoia Spongebob instills in Mrs. Puff.  This show provides hours of senseless entertainment for me.


Photo Source: buzzfeed.com

Obviously creator and marine biologist, Stephen Hillenberg knows exactly what he is doing. Spongebob Squarepants has been  annoying his neighbor and co worker, Squidward for going on seventeen years!  This sponge has been failing his driving test,  working at the Krusty Crab, taking care of his pet snail,  Gary, being BFFs with Patrick, blowing bubbles, catching jellyfish, and much more for almost seventeen years!  Spongebob has definitely made his mark, and not just on the small screen (well not so small these days). Spongebob Squarepants has movies,  books, toys, clothing, and my personal favorite MEMES! 


Photo Source: quickmeme.com

If you ever want to escape reality. Take a dip in the sea, and make your way to Bikini Bottom. Join Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Gary, Sandy, Plankton, and the others for a moment away from reality!

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Ghostly Giggle

As Hailey sat on her bed reading Moonlit Ally, a book she recently picked up from a local bookstore, she decided to take a break from reading to call her parents. Hailey’s mom and dad were out of town for the weekend, and tonight is the first night she would be home alone in her sixteen years of existence. She leaves a message on her dad’s voicemail, and heads to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Hailey returns to her room, plops down on her bed and picks up her book to dive back into the fictitious world created from her book.


Photo Source: curious-dee.deviantart.com

(phone vibrating)

“Hello? ”
“Hi Sweetie, how’s everything at home?”
“Everything’s great,  mom!  I have been so into this book,  I completely lost track of time! ”
“What are you reading?”
Moonlit Ally,  that new book by Rick Houseman.”
“I heard that’s a real page turner. I will have to read it when we get back home. Well,  I was just returning your call. Your dad said you called. I can see everything is fine, so one of us will call you in the morning.”
“Ok mom.  Sounds great. Tell Dad I said hi,  bye and goodnight!”
“I will. Goodnight Sweetie.”
“Goodnight Mom.”


Photo Source: maztravel.com

As Hailey hangs up with her mom,  she hears a faint giggle in the hallway.  She becomes very still and quiet. I must be hearing things,  she thought. Hailey ignored the sound she may or may not have heard,  shrugged it off and decided she had read enough for the night. She pulled back the covers on her bed,  and nestled beneath the layers of sheets and blankets. She turned off her lamp and, closed her eyes.

Just as Hailey is falling asleep, she hears the giggle again.  This time it wasn’t faint at all.  This time it wasn’t in the hall.  This time it was obvious that Hailey was not home alone after all.  Hailey laid very still in bed. Frozen. Frozen with fear.  There it was again. The same giggle, but this time she was able to locate the sound. It was coming from her closet. Should I get up?  Should I lay here and die from being frozen with fear?  Will this ghostly giggle kill me if I get up?  Hell,  will it kill me if I stay in this bed? Ughhhh!!! C’mon Hailey think!!!  You are sixteen acting like you are six,  get a grip!  Ok… I’m going to get up. No one is here…just me. 


Photo Source: blog.sleepingsimple.com

After a moment of mentally debating with herself, Hailey finally got the courage to turn on the lamp and get out of bed.  Once again she hears the giggle as clearly as she hears herself breathing. Frozen mid step,  her breathing was decreased as she was paralyzed with fear.  What am I doing?  Why did I get up?  This is real life girl, not a book!!  I should have called the cops. I don’t even have a weapon. Why didn’t I call the cops?! 

After another self debate,  Hailey walks slowly towards her closet. Her legs shaking beneath her. Her chest tightening with each step.  She gulps with each breath. When did my bed get so far away from my closet? Finally,  she reaches the door. The giggle begins again. It is now one continues ghostly giggle seeping through the crack between the two closet doors. All fear a side,  Hailey grabs each door handle, flings the doors wide open, and screams loudly into closet with her eyes tightly shut. The giggle continues, but now  errupts into laughter. Hailey opens her eys and to her surprise, she finds her cousin/BFF, Breah crying laughing on the floor of her closet.

“Hailey, I am so sorry!!” (laughing continues) “But, I just HAD to get you back from that April Fools prank you played on me!”
“I almost had a heart attack!” Yelled Hailey,  who was now laughing as well.
“You should have seen your face!  Priceless!”
“How did you do all of this?”

Hailey and Breah are now sitting on the floor of Hailey’s closet.

“Well,  I knew Auntie Karen,  and Uncle Brad would be going out of town this weekend leaving you home alone for the first time in the history of Hailey Rae Lansing.  So,  I told my mom and dad that I would come keep you company this weekend. When I texted you and you said you were in the bookstore, I already knew I had time to get in and get ready to pull off the ultimate prank. And you didn’t disappoint either. You stayed at the bookstore FOREVER!”
“Ha!  I really did!  Go on, Prankmaster Breah.”
“Ok,  so I am in the guest bedroom’s walkin closet. You know, just catching up on Orange is the New Black and snacking on some Airheads. And, you finally came home.  I let you get settled, and decided to wait until it was late enough.”
“Ok,  so wait.  When did you get in my closet? And how did you giggle in the hallway and you were in my closet?”
“When you went to take a shower, I took that time to move into your room.  I recorded myself giggling while you were still at the bookstore.  I put my old cellphone in the hallway behind the plant in the corner before I came in here.”
“But, how did you make your old phone go off. It’s disconnected, right?”
“Hellooo?  I do have your Wi-Fi password!”
“Oh. Right! Proceed!”
“K.  Now, if you must know…I set my email ringtone to the giggle I recorded on my old phone. Sent myself an email and BOOM, low hidden giggle! ”
“Ughhh!!! I am going to kill you! 
Both girls begin laughing.
“And the rest was all me sitting in your junky closet, Hailey.  One giggle after another!”

<a href="Giggle“>Giggle

Emptying My Thoughts-Night 2

Ok so I just finished my Daily Prompt. Today the word to work with was “giggle”. You can check out my response here to see what I managed to piece together for today’s Daily Prompt. Also,  if you didn’t catch Monday’s response to “newspaper”, you can check out that response here. Feel free to browse around the rest of my blog.  Follow me if you like what you read. Comments are always welcome.

Now to empty my thoughts. To begin, I have been having a minor migraine for a few hours now. Nothing has helped it,  but I know it could be worse, so I won’t complain. I have lots of work to do at work tomorrow, and I want to get an early start (yall pray for me…I hate waking up early).

I have a work function coming up next week and I am nervous about going already! I work with these people Monday through Friday and I am anxious about a get together at my supervisor’s house. I hate social gatherings! No matter how comfortable I might be with some people, I still get nervous when they are a part  of a social situation. What’s a girl to do? 

I guess that’s all for tonight. This headache is not getting any better. I guess it’s round 2 of migraine meds.

Goodnight everyone!

Daily Prompt: Newspaper

One word. Newspaper.
My thoughts when I think of the word “newspaper”.

To read or not to read


Photo Source: yahoo.com

Cat’s litterbox lining


Photo Source: kturby.com



Photo Source: dailymail.co.uk

Something used to cover your table when eating boiled crawfish


Photo Source: eaitingoutsidein.com

Don’t roll it up and hit your dog on the nose with it!  (that’s just mean) This could be you if you do! 


Photo Source: youtube.com

Cutting letters from different sections to send threatening letters.


Photo Source: socialtalent.co

(3 words for 1 word) BLACK FRIDAY SALES!!!


Photo Source: momof6.com

Fillers for arts and crafts projects


Photo Source: favecrafts.com

Decorative when used as table art in resturants.


Photo Source: pinterest.com

Great for hiding from people in public.


Photo Source: dailymail.co.uk

Great for stalking spying on people.


Photo Source: davidandmaddie.com

<a href="http:// Newspaper“>Daily Prompt

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