Book Review: Whiskey Sour by Liliana Hart


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Addison Holmes and the crew are back in Whiskey Sour. Whiskey Sour, the second installment of the Addison Holmes mystery series written by Liliana Hart, doesn’t dissapoint.  This book is even better than the first!  It picks up where Whiskey Rebellion left off. (If you haven’t read it yet…you are truly in for a treat!) Also check out my review here.

Whiskey Sour will make you LOL for real! I am not talking about that little smirk you make when your friend texts you a funny meme, and you reply, lol.  Nor am I referring to when you respond with an lol to that awkward “joke” text you get from your coworkers.  No, I am talking about tears down your eyes non stop laughter.  I laughed out loud because I could literally see the events unfolding as I read each line.  It was as if I were watching it on TV.   I laughed because I could relate. It was that real!


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Liliana makes these characters come to life. By book two I feel like I know these people. I have a connection with the characters. Each character is built to remind you of someone you know or someone you know of. You will even find yourself in a character or two. 

Just as in Whiskey Rebellion the body count is there, the humor, passion, and suspense are also present. Each element is new and exciting. You never know what will happen to Addison next!  Whiskey Sour introduces a few new characters and expounds on some of the original characters. Be prepared for another amazing ride in this finely crafted mystery novel!

Not to mention Liliana gets bonus points for being spot on about living in a small Southern town! 

Addison Holmes is at it again. When priceless Russian gems are stolen on their way to Savannah and the courier is murdered, all the clues lead back to an escort service that seems above reproach. But looks can be deceiving.

Throw in a sexy detective and a dangerous FBI agent, and Addison finds out very quickly that she’s in way over her head. But nothing is going to stop her from getting her man.



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