To Blog or Not to Blog? That was the question!


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A little over a year ago, I went through some changes. With those changes came the question of “What to do with all of this free time?” I weighed out my options. Some of which included, watching more TV,  writing, exercising, reading, and playing games. Watching more TV was totally out of the question. I always wanted to give my writing skills more attention. Exercising sounded too overwhelming. Reading is something I haven’t done in a while, and playing games on my phone began to sound boring at the end of it all.

So, I Google “writing assignments”, and ended up finding information about blogging. I wasn’t as familiar with blogging as I would have liked to have been, so I Googled that as well. After a little time I came over to WordPress and immediately felt a connection. It was a strong connection, however, I was still left with the burning question…To blog or not to blog?


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Needless to say, I chose to blog!

Hi everyone, my name is Kelly,  and I will be your tour guide. I am proud to introduce to you… OhHowRandom! What you can expect on my blog, is pretty much anything! I might write a story, a poem, a review on a song,  or anything that peaks my interest and would love to share with others.

My target audience is you! Yes, you! The college student, the mom, the dad, the farmer, the salesperson, the teacher, the singer! You, yes you! Everyone is my target audience. I write for myself and anyone who might share the same feelings I have. So,  feel free to check out my blog and let me know what you think.

K. A. Smith

Day Twelve: My Community Inspiration


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I know I commented on this post three days ago, but this post has been on my mind ever since. The storytelling skills this blogger has are beyond amazing. She has truly inspired me. I actually re-blogged her post because her story is just that good. Here is a link to the post Intruder… by Millie Anne Lowe.

Intruder… is a true story, but as I was reading it so many thoughts ran through my mind as to what would happen next. There were too many “what ifs” to leave in her comments. So here are a few more.

-What if the intruder had been hypnotized?

-What if the intruder was blind and thought he was in a home he knew, but realized things didn’t feel right, so he didn’t move?

-What if the intruder saw a ghost outside?

Please read The Intruder…and share your thoughts on what you thought was really going on with the intruder.


K. A. Smith

Day Nine: About Me…The Remix

Today is where your book begins…the rest is still unwritten.

-Natasha Bedingfield, Unwritten

I had a love for writing as a kid.  I probably loved to write as much as I loved to read(I did a great deal of reading).  Here is a back story, which is only one reason, why I write. Even though I was told I was an excellent writer, and should make a career out of it. I would go on to persue other avenues instead.

I always say I want to write a book, but fear steps in and freezes me, paralyzing myself and my thoughts of publishing a book.  I move away from the voices of fear and doubt. The ones saying, You can’t write a book! No one wants to read anything you have to say!  You will fail, so don’t waste your time. I leave those voices  and my dreams behind, and do exactly what they say…don’t waste your time.


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Now that I’ve decided to go publicly with my writing, I came to realize, people do want to read what I have to write about! Thank God for the WordPress community! I can’t thank my fantastic readers enough. I greatly appreciate my readers,  but there is a part of me that still wants to experience writing professionally. I want to bury doubt and fear in my feelings of accomplishment and determination.

For more about me and my blog, check out my About  page for more information.


K. A. Smith

Day Seven: Start Personalizing


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I’ve concluded my challenge for the day, and I am all caught up on assignments. Learning about widgets, headers,  and embedding video, music, and other items into posts was beneficial in improving my blog.

Now, I can catch up on some good reading. Who am I reading? You!

Happy Writing


K. A. Smith


Day Six: Amazingly, Monday Had Other Plans for Me


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If you work in retail, as I just so happen to do, your work schedule will often vary. When I get my schedule, my eyes immediately scan for the word OFF. Now don’t get me wrong, my job is ok, and I am thankful to have it. However, who doesn’t look forward to their days away from work?

After working Wednesday through Sunday, I was jumping for joy on the inside that today is Monday. Yes, you read it correctly, I couldn’t wait for Monday. While most people were dreading its mere existence, I was planning out my day of rest and relaxation. Amazingly, Monday had other plans for me.

Walk in the forest alarm playing

It’s my 6:30 A.M. alarm going off. The same one I snooze right through any other day, but today is different. My husband said he would allow me to rest today since my oldest son was away for Spring Break and I didn’t have to bring him to school. I wake up and help my husband get our two year old son ready for school (daycare). He was going to drop our son off to school then head out to work. Everything went according to plan except…

I get out of bed and get ready for my day of nothing ahead of me.  I then make my way to the kitchen to prepare my morning bowl of oatmeal, yum!  Amazingly, Monday had other plans for me.  There he sat,  upon the light bulb, above the kitchen sink, just waiting to ruin my perfectly planned day of nothing.


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A wasp.  No bigger than my thumb. A wasp.  A wasp.  A wasp.  A wasp.  Insert expletives here!  I am afraid…no terrified…no I am panick-stricken. I came right back in my bedroom, closed the door and locked it behind me. (As if the critter will be able to open the door unlocked, let alone locked!)

Well folks, I am in my bed, out of harm’s (the wasp’s) way.  Doing exactly what I planned to do today…absolutely nothing. I sure hope my husband comes home for lunch!


K. A. Smith

Day Five: Themes| Trial and Error

Today’s assignment in Blogging 101 is titled Love Your Theme. This assignment is to help choose a theme you will love, and one that will help you highlight your work better. I actually spent some time “trying on” different themes and I found that my current theme was the best fit for me and my blog. I just want to encourage my fellow bloggers to take a look at your themes and decide if it works for you. Perhaps you’ve grown and developed in your craft and need to reflect that in your theme. Maybe, you finally got the hang of things and can focus on some blog maintenance now. Either way, I felt this was a great exercise and thought it would be awesome to blog about it for just a moment.

K. A. Smith

Day Four: Hi Neighbors


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I don’t really have much to post on this assignment, other than it is complete. I followed a few new blogs today.  I also read some great posts!  Finally, I did a little interacting with some bloggers. There are some really  taleyourd and friendly people in the WordPress Community. Even if you aren’t a part of Blogging 101, taking a day to get to know your neighbors can be very beneficial. The insight you can gain from your peers is a great tool to have. Not to mention, if everyone spent time looking for a new read every now and then, your audience will increase as well.


K. A. Smith

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