Deeply Into the Unknown 

The time is 5:31am and I am just laying here. I am  just laying here with thoughts racing through my head like Usain Bolt running the 100 meters. “What if…?” “But why not…?”  So many scenarios playing out in my mind. These thoughts and scenarios are about my life. A life I have grown to know little about, even though I am the only one who has lived it since birth. 

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I find myself growing more and more confused every day. My ups are downs. My rights are now wrongs (and lefts). The people I thought I knew. I know longer know. Just when I get accustomed to one thing, it changes. It appears everything I thought I saw was just false images. Images distorted with the reality of a dream I once knew. 

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Now it is 5:48am and I am just laying here. I am just laying here with uncertainty in my mind and fear in my heart. I am scared to turn the page for fear of what it might reveal. I dread the dawn of a new day, as I am terrified to uncover yet another image distorted with the reality of a dream I once knew. Therefore I shall   dream. I shall dream during the day just as I do during the night. I shall remove myself from all that is known and delve deeply into the unknown. 


Daily Prompt: Blank

Blank stares
Blank faces
Blank checks
Blank pages

My mind went blank just as I was about to speak. No words came out, but there was no one to see. Speechless and speech-less, being so unprepared. No one would witness, because no one had cared.

My mind is full and I’m not holding back. I say all the things be it fiction or fact. I feel I’m doing great, but that’s not what the case is. Just a small crowd of blank stares and blank faces.

Blank stares
Blank faces
Blank checks
Blank pages

All of their books are selling. They’ll be classics for ages. While I just sit here with my pen and blank pages.  Blank checks, book deals, and fans it’s outrageous. And I’m just here with my pen and blank pages.

Empty crowds and being misunderstood. My audience targeting skills just wasn’t that good. Now my pen is moving. I have book deals and fans on deck. My books are sold out, and now I have a blank check!

Never give up on your dreams! You will get rejected while others succeed. Don’t ever let that stop you from creating and doing what you love.
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Emptying My Thoughts: Night Four

Today was a pretty productive day at work. I still have tons of things to do,  but it is slowly but surely all coming together.

Nothing major really happened today. I have been thinking about ways to get out of this work function on Thursday, but I haven’t been able to come up with something good and convincing enough. I swear I hate having social anxiety! Why does it have to be so difficult to socialize with people away from work who I interact with on a daily basis? I guess I will keep thinking of something.

I have been listening to some great music lately thanks to Google Music! I have been listening to new music from some of my favorite artists, and discovering new artists along the way.  A few of my favorites are Nao, Lion Babe, MAAD*MOISELLE, Kiiara, Jamie Woon, Eryn Allen Kane, Lostboycrow, Kelela, Johnny Rain, and Dvsn. I also checked out Tamia’s latest album titled Love Life on Spotify. I really enjoyed it.  Tamia is one of my favorite artists of all time. She remains true to her sound,  and that is what makes me enjoy her music.

Well, that’s all for tonight. I’m headed to Slumberland. Good night ☺

Red Wig and A Trendy Wardrobe

Black hair…check
Clothes that I finally settled on because it was all I felt comfortable in…check


Welcome to my world!  A few facts before I go on.  I am 5’1″, and I don’t have a shape that makes me want to run out and go shopping for clothes. My hair has been black (unless I had highlights), for all of my life.  This is my world, my reality.

Now, welcome to my fantasies, my dreams!

I am now 5’5″ with a body of someone like Kim Kardashian. My hair red.  Not fire engine red like Rhianna’s hair, more like Debra Messing, who played Grace on Will & Grace. I have a closet filled with the latest fashions, the trending pieces the celebrities are covered in on magazine covers. I own my look when I step out for the day.  I don’t mind the attention, in fact I welcome it with open arms. This is my fantasy, my dream.

K. A. Smith

In Your Dreams


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There is something so amazing about dreams. Some people can recall every detail of a dream. While others, like myself, only remember bits and pieces. These bits and pieces usually end up fading away the further away from the dream I get.

I particularly like dreams because they don’t actually exist. Well at least mine don’t. I am sure there is at least one person who will tell me otherwise, and I don’t disagree. I am just speaking from my own personal accounts.  My dreams take place during sleep, and that world no longer exists when I am awaken. Usually, I don’t see myself in dreams. I tend to see through my eyes, as I do outside of a dream. I don’t recognize the people or the places. My dreams tend to blend themselves together somehow. For example, I could be in a subway, and then I take a couple of steps and I am in a diner!  It’s like I walked through a wall, but I didn’t.

I really enjoy dreams because they exist and then it’s as if they never happened. My dreams rarely repeat, and 95%  of them don’t make it past one minute of me being awake. I don’t mind it. It just makes dreams more magical and mysterious. I think I will actually try to document as much of my dreams from now on. They just might make for some good blogging!

K. A. Smith

Oh How Random

As I lay here coughing uncontrollably every few minutes or so. I stare at the ceiling. I watch the ceiling fan go around and around. The wind beating against the house…now…not now…now again. I know there are thunderstorms near, but yet they are still far away. It is 12:45 AM CDT. Cough cough…cough cough. I should really go to the doctor in the morning. Why on Earth can’t I go back to sleep. Is it the coughing?  Is it my anticipation of the nearby thunderstorm?  Or maybe it’s the million and ten thoughts zipping around my head. I swear there is a thunderstorm going on in there at times.

12:51 AM CDT…Monday, April 7th, 2014. The coughing has managed to calm down enough so I can breathe. I am no longer looking at the ceiling fan go round as the dust seemed to be causing my cough to worsen. Hiding from dust, out of all things, under the cover. I literally see my thoughts leave my mind, and join the slightly dimmed screen of my phone. It’s kinda cool when you think about it.

12:56 AM CDT…Monday, April 7th, 2014.
I guess I will try this sleep thing again.

K. A. Smith

A Quote From My Favorite Author…


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Here is a little good night quote from, A Dream Within a Dream.  Written by my favorite author, Edgar Allan Poe.

“All that we see or seem. Is but a dream within a dream.” -Edgar Allan Poe

I love this quote, and I love this poem! Everything that our eyes take in, is no realer than a dream. Every thought our brain process is no realer than a dream. In this poem, everything is so far from reality it is not simply just a dream, yet a dream within a dream!  How wild is that?! 
I personally had dreams within other dreams. In the dream it makes perfect sense of course. However, once I am awake, I try to make some sense of the dream I had about me (or someone else) dreaming of something. It’s difficult enough to dissect what little is left of the dream I actually had. It is even more difficult to dig deep into the dream and try to resurrect yet ANOTHER dream!

K. A. Smith

The Goal is to Make it to Tomorrow


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Happiness left long ago. Unsure if it will ever return. Stress filled days, sleepless nights.  Some days are better than others. The goal is to make it to tomorrow. Make it to tomorrow to see what it holds. To see if things will get any better. Trying to be positive is difficult when negative forces control you like a puppet master. The goal is to make it to tomorrow. Make it to tomorrow to see what it holds.

K. A. Smith

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