Fait Accompli 

Is total control really worth the price?

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Most people don’t wake up in the morning knowing EXACTLY how their day will unfold. Well, I’m not most people. My name is Alyssa, and I have total control over how my day goes. 

While most people are dreaming while sleeping, I am putting together tomorrow. 

There is just one problem with this special “gift”. I have to terminate one person before I go back to sleep to create my tomorrow. 

Now when I say “terminate”, I don’t mean fire or let someone go from my life. I literally mean terminate. You know, as in put an end to  one’s life. 

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Now I bet you’re a bit confused. Let me explain. 

It all started on a hot and humid summer day in a small town along a little known bayou in Louisiana. 

I began that morning griping about the weather the minute I stepped outside and my hair instantly frizzed up and my skin immediately began to glisten with sweat. 

I cursed summer!

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My neighbor, Mrs. Langlois, was outside sipping her coffee and judging people as she religiously did every morning. She heard me despise the season and beelined straight towards me. 

“Well, good morning young lady. What’s got you a cussin’ so early in the day?”

I really wasn’t in the mood to deal with “The Mouth of the South” so I just decided to tell the truth and let her get back to playing judge and jury with the rest of the neighborhood. 

“Good morning! I’m just disgusted with this heat and humidity. That’s all.”
“Well young lady, if you don’t like it do something about it!”, replied Mrs. Langlois. 

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At this point I’m convinced she wasn’t JUST drinking coffee. What on God’s green Earth was I supposed to do to cancel summer? Hell, I couldn’t even dodge my Public Investigator neighbor!

“Well, Mrs. Langlois you and I both know that’s impossible. I’ll just deal with it like I’ve been doing for all 21 years of my life.”

Mrs. Langlois grasped my right hand in her Little Old Lady hands, looked me dead in my eyes, and said, “Fait Accompli.” She then lowered my hand, and said, “Make it a good one, young lady!” 

And just like that, Neighborhood Watch was marching back to her perch to resume her routine snooping. 

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I was already thirty minutes behind schedule for the day, so I got in my car and left. 
Disturbed by Mrs. Langlois’ little performance back at my house, I decided I would Google “Fait Accompli”. 

I grabbed my cell from my purse that sat in the passenger seat and Googled the words that were strangely uttered by my eavesdropping neighbor. 

Caught up in what my search yielded, I wasn’t paying attention to the road and slammed right into the car in front of me. 


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After dealing with the police, repair shops, my insurance company, and my guilt, I was done for the day. 

I drove my damaged car into my driveway and went straight into my house. 

Something was off. 

Where was Tammy Talkalot? She should have greeted me at my door to tell me about the wreck I caused. Oh well, it’s better she didn’t. I had no more energy for her. 

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Awaken from my slumber I noticed my house was cooler than it usually was during the summer. I grabbed another blanket and went back to sleep. 

The next day I woke up ready to fight with the heat and humidity. I made sure my hair was in a nice frizz resistant bun and headed out the door. 
As I walked outside, I instantly froze. What the hell? The cool crisp autumn air whipped against my exposed skin. The leaves crunched under my flip flops. Those same leaves were brown. 

Brown like the trees that stood before me. I looked around me and fall was in full bloom! 

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My confusion was interrupted by a little voice that belonged to my overly layered meddlesome neighbor, Mrs. Langlois. 

She was making her way over…AGAIN! I stood there and just waited. 

“Good morning, young lady! I hope you are enjoying the weather.”

Okay, so now I KNEW I was not the only one who was seeing and feeling fall.

“Good morning Mrs. Langlois. I am enjoying it.”

“That’s great dear, enjoy your day. And make it a good one.” 

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She made her way back home and left me even more confused. I looked at my phone to check for news about this weather. 

But I was met with other news, rather strange news. The guy whose car I wrecked was dead. There it was in black and white. “Local Marine, Pvt. Keith Fontaine, Died While Fighting For His Country Overseas.”

How was that possible? He has been home for months. I accidentally ran into the back of his car yesterday. None of this was making any sense. 

‪I ran back towards my house and it just hit me. My damaged car was no longer damaged. 

I felt everything spinning around me. I was so confused I thought I was going to faint. I went in the house and sat down on the sofa. 

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What was going on? 
I ran over to Mrs. Langlois’ house. She was outside as I expected. 

“Mrs. Langlois, we need to talk!”, I demanded. 

She smiled proudly, then nonchalantly replied, “I know.” 


Your Unaverage Average Person

Silently sitting at a table in the heart of the mall’s food court, sits Sydney Bryce. Sydney is an average woman with a less than average life. You see on the surface, Sydney is about 5’5″, average build, brunette hair, and blends in well with a crowd. Now don’t get me wrong. Sydney is a beautiful lady, but she doesn’t wear flashy clothing, no makeup and a simple messy bun rests on top of her head. Like I said, she blends perfectly in with the crowd.


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The lunch rush consumes the Pacific Place’s food court. Everyone has lunch, work, and a series of other thoughts on the brain. All temporary distractions in an extremely busy environment. Sydney sits alone at a blue table with four matching chairs. Identical to the others crammed around her.  A shopping bag from Teavana rests on the chair to her right. Her feet wrapped in her favorite black rubber, knee high rain boots are propped up on the chair directly across from her. Her black leather Miu Miu tote occupies the remaining chair. Sydney watches everyone and everything while she goes unnoticed. A couple, in their thirties, plops down at the table to her left and almost simultaneously a group of college students claim the table to her right. An elderly couple had been quietly eating behind her.

Conversations about home renovations, private school tuition, mid terms, boyfriends, girlfriends, dorm life, and a combination of other things between the three tables have Sydney’s attention. Although each conversation may seem irrelevant to her, Sydney still takes in the words and processes them for relevancy. A tall gentleman in a pricey designer suit makes his way to the table in front of Sydney.  He has a bag from a burger resturant in one hand and an iPhone pressed to his ear in the other. Oblivious to his surroundings and distracted by the conversation he is having, he sits his food down and pulls out the blue chair. Seated with his back to Sydney, he begins scarfing down his lunch without missing a beat in his phone conversation.


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I know he didn’t deserve it but oh well.
(Pause in conversation)
He had it coming to him. No one steals from me and gets away with it.  I’m Brad Gaines and he should have known better than to mess with my money.

Despite the clamor of the conversations surrounding Sidney, Mr. Gaines now had her undivided attention. He spoke in a low voice, almost a whisper, but still loud enough for the right ears to hear. Sydney grabbed her cellphone from her tote forthwith, and began busying herself constructing a text message with the information she had just acquired. She had to look like she was just as occupied as the rest of the people gathered for the lunch rush. Brad stood up still attached to his phone. He glances at everyone around him and no one seems to know he exists. He was satisfied with his observation and began towards the main entrance of the mall. Sydney was also satisfied with her latest discovery.  She completed her text, sent it to herself, and smiled. Sydney scrolls through her contacts. She spots her target and dials.
Hey Duece, it’s Detective Bryce.  I think I found our guy.


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Ghostly Giggle

As Hailey sat on her bed reading Moonlit Ally, a book she recently picked up from a local bookstore, she decided to take a break from reading to call her parents. Hailey’s mom and dad were out of town for the weekend, and tonight is the first night she would be home alone in her sixteen years of existence. She leaves a message on her dad’s voicemail, and heads to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Hailey returns to her room, plops down on her bed and picks up her book to dive back into the fictitious world created from her book.


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(phone vibrating)

“Hello? ”
“Hi Sweetie, how’s everything at home?”
“Everything’s great,  mom!  I have been so into this book,  I completely lost track of time! ”
“What are you reading?”
Moonlit Ally,  that new book by Rick Houseman.”
“I heard that’s a real page turner. I will have to read it when we get back home. Well,  I was just returning your call. Your dad said you called. I can see everything is fine, so one of us will call you in the morning.”
“Ok mom.  Sounds great. Tell Dad I said hi,  bye and goodnight!”
“I will. Goodnight Sweetie.”
“Goodnight Mom.”


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As Hailey hangs up with her mom,  she hears a faint giggle in the hallway.  She becomes very still and quiet. I must be hearing things,  she thought. Hailey ignored the sound she may or may not have heard,  shrugged it off and decided she had read enough for the night. She pulled back the covers on her bed,  and nestled beneath the layers of sheets and blankets. She turned off her lamp and, closed her eyes.

Just as Hailey is falling asleep, she hears the giggle again.  This time it wasn’t faint at all.  This time it wasn’t in the hall.  This time it was obvious that Hailey was not home alone after all.  Hailey laid very still in bed. Frozen. Frozen with fear.  There it was again. The same giggle, but this time she was able to locate the sound. It was coming from her closet. Should I get up?  Should I lay here and die from being frozen with fear?  Will this ghostly giggle kill me if I get up?  Hell,  will it kill me if I stay in this bed? Ughhhh!!! C’mon Hailey think!!!  You are sixteen acting like you are six,  get a grip!  Ok… I’m going to get up. No one is here…just me. 


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After a moment of mentally debating with herself, Hailey finally got the courage to turn on the lamp and get out of bed.  Once again she hears the giggle as clearly as she hears herself breathing. Frozen mid step,  her breathing was decreased as she was paralyzed with fear.  What am I doing?  Why did I get up?  This is real life girl, not a book!!  I should have called the cops. I don’t even have a weapon. Why didn’t I call the cops?! 

After another self debate,  Hailey walks slowly towards her closet. Her legs shaking beneath her. Her chest tightening with each step.  She gulps with each breath. When did my bed get so far away from my closet? Finally,  she reaches the door. The giggle begins again. It is now one continues ghostly giggle seeping through the crack between the two closet doors. All fear a side,  Hailey grabs each door handle, flings the doors wide open, and screams loudly into closet with her eyes tightly shut. The giggle continues, but now  errupts into laughter. Hailey opens her eys and to her surprise, she finds her cousin/BFF, Breah crying laughing on the floor of her closet.

“Hailey, I am so sorry!!” (laughing continues) “But, I just HAD to get you back from that April Fools prank you played on me!”
“I almost had a heart attack!” Yelled Hailey,  who was now laughing as well.
“You should have seen your face!  Priceless!”
“How did you do all of this?”

Hailey and Breah are now sitting on the floor of Hailey’s closet.

“Well,  I knew Auntie Karen,  and Uncle Brad would be going out of town this weekend leaving you home alone for the first time in the history of Hailey Rae Lansing.  So,  I told my mom and dad that I would come keep you company this weekend. When I texted you and you said you were in the bookstore, I already knew I had time to get in and get ready to pull off the ultimate prank. And you didn’t disappoint either. You stayed at the bookstore FOREVER!”
“Ha!  I really did!  Go on, Prankmaster Breah.”
“Ok,  so I am in the guest bedroom’s walkin closet. You know, just catching up on Orange is the New Black and snacking on some Airheads. And, you finally came home.  I let you get settled, and decided to wait until it was late enough.”
“Ok,  so wait.  When did you get in my closet? And how did you giggle in the hallway and you were in my closet?”
“When you went to take a shower, I took that time to move into your room.  I recorded myself giggling while you were still at the bookstore.  I put my old cellphone in the hallway behind the plant in the corner before I came in here.”
“But, how did you make your old phone go off. It’s disconnected, right?”
“Hellooo?  I do have your Wi-Fi password!”
“Oh. Right! Proceed!”
“K.  Now, if you must know…I set my email ringtone to the giggle I recorded on my old phone. Sent myself an email and BOOM, low hidden giggle! ”
“Ughhh!!! I am going to kill you! 
Both girls begin laughing.
“And the rest was all me sitting in your junky closet, Hailey.  One giggle after another!”

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Thank You For Running That Red Light…You Saved My Life!


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It was an unusually cold November night as Ember Connelly, a 20 year old student at Louisiana State University, was headed home after working a late shift as a bookseller at Barnes & Noble. It was almost midnight, and she was exhausted. All she wanted to do was get to her luxury apartment, take a quick shower, and crash in her warm, cozy bed. 

(Birdy’s Skinny Love played quietly on the speakers of Ember’s 2012 Toyota Corolla)

“I have got to get a better job,” Ember thought out loud. “How will I ever get any rest?” The vibration of Ember’s phone interrupted her thoughts. She held her Samsung Galaxy S3 in better viewing range, and quickly glanced at the display. “DO NOT ANSWER”, and the picture of her ex boyfriend, Ian, appeared on the phone’s display. “Uggghhhh!!!”, Ember screamed as she threw the device on the passenger seat. She turned up the volume on the car’s radio as she sat at the light of Towne Center and Jefferson. The five to ten minute drive to The Millennium Town Center, the luxury apartment complex Ember and her parents decided would be her home away from home, seemed to have somehow extended itself well beyond that time frame.

As she sat at the red light, she couldn’t help but think of the butt dialed voicemail she had gotten from Ian Thompson, her boyfriend of one year, not even twenty-four hours ago.  He had no intention of having a serious relationship with her at all. Ian was all about getting closer to Ember’s father, Charles Connelly Sr. Mr. Connelly was well connected in the architecture businesses in South Louisiana. He owned his own company, and was far from a failure of his trade. Ian was a junior, and an architecture major at LSU. 


Photo Source: design.lsu.edu

He and Ember had met when she was walking the campus with her parents a few days before classes started. She was an interior design major, and a freshman.  As Ember and her parents looked around The Design Building, they came across a guy ending a conversation on his cell phone. He immediately noticed Ember. That day she had her shoulder length reddish brown her flat ironed and pinned up, because of the humidity. Her naturally tan skin, was a result of her father being Caucasian and her mother African American. She wore a coral and white floral maxi dress that perfectly displayed her medium frame, and curvy figure.  Ember was only 5’2″, but her breasts and hips measurements indicated she was no longer a little girl in high school. She had light brown eyes, that shined with the light of the sun. Her smile drew him in, and he was taken away by her fit body, hourglass figure, and beautiful complexion. He quickly introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Ian. I’m a sophomore here…architecture major.”

Ember thought those words would probably stick with her until she died, and probably somehow manage to haunt her after death. Ember had been sitting at this red light for about five minutes and hadn’t been paying attention to if it had turned green or not. Baton Rouge was notorious for it’s episodic malfunctioning lights, she thought. It was late, and a Sunday night, so no one else was really out and about. Not to mention the weather conditions had not been what residents of Baton Rouge were used to.  Ember decided to make the left onto Jefferson since no cars were coming. She was only on Jefferson for a few seconds when red and blue lights illuminated the dark night sky, and not to mention the interior of Ember’s Carolla. She pulled over in a lit parking lot with a Burger King in it.  She remained inside of her car with the windows up until the officer made his way to the window. She put her window down, turned the radio down, and greeted the officer. “Hi officer, I am so sorry for running the red light, but I was sitting there for like five minutes and it never turned.” “I’ll need your license, registration, and proof of insurance,” the officer replied as if he were a robot, and was only programmed to lead with that phrase. Ember reached into her purse and located her wallet. She fought with the area covered in plastic that seemed to have suctioned her driver’s license into a permanent location in her wallet. She tugged some more and out it came.  Ember then gathered the other documents from the car’s glove compartment, and handed them over to the officer. He walked back to his cruiser without saying one word to Ember. As she sat in her car with the heat on high, her phone lit up in the passenger seat. It was a text from Ian. Ember ignored it and turned the phone off. As she sat thinking about her spacious, two bedroom apartment, warm shower, and cozy bed there was a tap on her window causing her to jump. She pushed the button to lower the driver’s side window, and the officer apologized for startling her, only to hand her a ticket for running a red light. Well at least he isn’t robot, she thought, thinking about the fact that he did apologize. “I know you don’t live too far from here, but be careful on the road.” Those were the words the officer told Ember before he walked back to his car.  She headed out of the parking lot and on to Jefferson one last time that night.

(Ringtone playing: So wake me up when it’s all over, when I’m wiser and I’m older. All this time I was finding myself, I didn’t know I was lost.  So wa-)

Avicci’s Wake Me Up, Ember’s ringtone, woke her from a sound sleep. Before she could locate her phone in the darkness of her room, the ringtone ended. Who is calling me? She wondered. Better question, what time is it? She managed to grab her phone and check the time. 4:14 AM, November 17, 2013. Ember entered in her passcode to unlock her phone, anxious to see who disturbed her slumber. The number was none she recognized, and it was not stored in her phone’s contact list.  Ian, she immediately thought. Then the phone rang again, same number that interrupted Ember’s sleep. She answered before she missed the call again. “Hello?”
“Is this Ember Connelly?”, the male voice replied. Ember hesitantly replied, “Uh, yeah. Who’s this?” The male voice simply responded, “Thank you for running that red light, you saved my life!” Ember knew exactly who it was…


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To be continued…

To be continued…

K. A. Smith

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