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I have no words just a blank page.
I’m dealing with years of guilt, pain, confusion and rage.
I no longer know what to do, what to say, at this point…at this stage.
I feel so alone, and trapped,like a bird in a cage. 
I long for strength, peace, love, and courage.
Yet,  I am frightened, depleted, and broken on this stage.
I have many thoughts, however I feel discouraged.
Because I still have no words…just this blank page.


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K. A. Smith

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Daily Prompt: Stroll

Today’s Daily Prompt instructions are to write something using the word “stroll”. Personally I am usually in a rush.  Which means I am not too far from sprinting. Or,  I am too tired. Then that means I am probably dragging, and about to collapse. Either way,  I can’t say I’m much of the strolling type. 

I always approach the Daily Prompts by writing first and reading the responses of others after. This way what I put out there will be as original as it can get.  So without further ado here is my response to today’s Daily Prompt: stroll.


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I stroll,  I roll,  I bowl
Make a goal,  in my soul, not on a pole
She strolls, She rolls, She bowls
With Keyshia Cole,  Beyonce and Solange Knowles
I stroll,  I roll,  I bowl
Students enroll, Eat a casserole, on the payroll,
He strolls, he rolls, he bowls
Roads are out of control with all these tolls and potholes
I stroll,  I roll,  I bowl
She strolls, she rolls, she bowls
He strolls,  he rolls,  he bowls

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Truth in Disguise

I originally posted this a few years ago and today’s Daily Prompt made me think about it. I decided to add to it and incorporate the word “mask”. I hope everyone enjoys it. Especially since I don’t usually write poetry.


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You tell me what you want me to hear
Even though you’re full of lies
But the truth is what I want to hear
Not the truth in disguise.

You don’t want to hurt me
Therefore you lie when I ask
When will you tell me
The truth behind the mask

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K. A. Smith


I am burried alive and no one hears me.
I am alone
I scream, I pout,  I even throw “temper tantrums”
I am alone
I talk to myself, because no one else can hear me.
I am alone
I am waiting for someone to hear me and help me.
I am alone
No one hears me. They never have, they never will.
I am alone
I feel like I am going crazy, UGHH no one hears me!
I am alone
Maybe no one hears me because truthfully I am dead
I am alone
I am burried alive and no one hears me.
I am alone

K. A. Smith

No Rhythm No Rhyme


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The sky is always dark, I can never tell the time.
This song has lost its rhythm, this song has lost its rhyme.
I walk alone in the darkness, as no one will follow.
It’s been this way too long, it is the only way I know.
I swim in my sorrows, while drowning in my tears.
Some days are bearable, some I want to disappear.
Every day is different, while remaining the same.
This darkness consumes me, and I have myself to blame.
The sky is always dark, I can never tell the time.
This song has lost its rhythm, this song has lost its rhyme.

K. A. Smith

Day Nineteen: New Posting Style| Summer Love Poem


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As the nights get shorter and the temperature increases

The warm summer air blows, it whispers in the breezes

Sitting beside him, he tells me a tale of the past

I hold on to each moment, hoping it would last

There is a chorus of insects singing in the trees

The perfect soundtrack for moments like these

Late summer nights, under the star filled sky

I enjoy every minute, with my husband, my guy




A Quote From My Favorite Author…


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Here is a little good night quote from, A Dream Within a Dream.  Written by my favorite author, Edgar Allan Poe.

“All that we see or seem. Is but a dream within a dream.” -Edgar Allan Poe

I love this quote, and I love this poem! Everything that our eyes take in, is no realer than a dream. Every thought our brain process is no realer than a dream. In this poem, everything is so far from reality it is not simply just a dream, yet a dream within a dream!  How wild is that?! 
I personally had dreams within other dreams. In the dream it makes perfect sense of course. However, once I am awake, I try to make some sense of the dream I had about me (or someone else) dreaming of something. It’s difficult enough to dissect what little is left of the dream I actually had. It is even more difficult to dig deep into the dream and try to resurrect yet ANOTHER dream!

K. A. Smith

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