The Bishop Briggs Experience 

Music is everything to me. I work to music. I fall asleep listening to music. I drive, exercise, read, think, and write to music. Where would I be without a good playlist? Honestly, I don’t want to find out.

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It’s not often that an artist actually grabs my attention and latches onto my soul. Oh, but when it does, it’s the best feeling ever! The adrenaline tied to discovering a new favorite artist makes life ten times better. The singer who is currently running through my veins is British musician, Bishop Briggs. 

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Bishop Briggs is a name I hope to hear more often in the circles of music lovers as well as in the media. Briggs’ soothing voice combined with hypnotic music productions, and dramatic lyrics gave birth to soul touching songs like, River, The Way I Do, Wild Horses, and Pray (Empty Gun). With each song, Briggs passionately delivers more than a song. Her music opens your mind and takes you out of reality and places you on a journey. It places you in a story that captures you with her vocals, lyrics, and music production. Bishop Briggs delivers an experience  like no other. With each verse, an emotional connection is established between you and the music. 

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If you are ready to experience music like never before, check out Bishop Briggs. Below you will find links for her music, social media, and more. 

***Bishop Briggs is currently on tour. Check out her website for tour dates.***


Twitter: @thatgirlbishop

SoundCloud: thatgirlbishop

Spotify: Bishop Briggs

YouTube: BishopBriggsVEVO 

Facebook: @thatgirlbishop


Don’t Wanna Know by Cashmase

Most people want to know everything about…pretty much everything! This holds true especially when it comes to knowing information about the people closest to us. I mean who wouldn’t want to know everything about the person they are currently involved with? In his latest single, Don’t Wanna Know, Cashmase isn’t as inquiring as most guys when it comes down to what’s going on with his girl.

Find out why in Cashmase’s new video for Don’t Wanna Know

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of his talent, go ahead and subscribe to Cashmase’s channel for more of his music. And don’t forget to show him some love and thumbs up his hot new video!

Follow the links below to keep up with all things Cashmase:
He’s also on Spotify. Just type in “Cashmase” in the search box, hit Follow, and you’re all set!

Book Review: Whiskey Rebellion by Liliana Hart

Whiskey Rebellion is the first book in the Addison Holmes Mystery Series. This book was written by New York Times bestselling author, Liliana Hart.


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Let me begin by saying I absolutely LOVED this book!  Liliana Hart,  you have just been added to my list of favorite authors. Here is a bit of a back story about how I stumbled across this great read.

One day while mindlessly scrolling through endless pictures of cute cats,  recipes I will never make, excercise challenges I will never complete, and other pictures on Pinterest, I came across a pin for a website called BookBub. I made it my business to see what this was all about. Bottom line is that you sign up, select the catagories you enjoy reading about, the app(s) you use for e-reading and you get suggestions about books you might like to read.  Here’s the fun part! Most titles are discounted or my favorite FREE! 

So there I was adding free e-book after free e-book to my Google Play Books account. I was content with my selections and proceeded to read the first book in my “queue”. That book was Whiskey Rebellion. I had no idea what I was about to get into,  but I was ready!  This book began with a prologue. I absolutely love to get a glimpse into a crucial moment of the story before I even know who the characters are and what is really going on. Liliana had me at the prologue and took me for a wild, entertaining, heart pounding ride all the way to the last word of the epilogue.

I felt like I was a part of a television crime drama. One that had a perfect mix of comedy, mystery, drama, romance, and murders. The characters and plot were well put together. Every aspect of the book was perfectly described and allowed my mind’s eye to visualize each event as it unfolded. I honestly felt like I was part of this story.

Whiskey Rebellion‘s major and minor characters were all believable and relatable. I’m sure everyone will feel a connection with at least one character and know someone like one of the others. This book has it all, and it will leave you wanting more.  Lucky for us Liliana has several books that accompany this engrossing mystery novel. Check out Whiskey Rebellion and the rest of the Addison Holmes series as well as Liliana’s other series here.

Here is the introduction to Whiskey Rebellion by Liliana Hart:

My name is Addison Holmes, and I teach history at James Madison High School in Whiskey Bayou, Georgia. You might be under the assumption that my life went to the dogs when my fiancé left me at the altar for the home economics teacher, or when I got notice that my apartment building was going to be condemned, or even when I was desperate enough to strip to my unmentionables to earn some extra cash. The truth is that I’m pretty much used to disasters following me around on a daily basis, but I could have gone without finding my principal dead in the parking lot of a seedy gentlemen’s club.

After the initial shock of finding my first dead body, which included throwing back shots of Jack Daniels like it was water, I decided to take stock of my life. I was in a desperate situation and if the school board ever found out I’d been a stripper, even a bad stripper, I’d be jobless as well as fiancé-less and homeless. Fortunately, I had a friend who felt sorry enough for me to give me a job doing some surveillance work at her detective agency. Not to mention the fact that I was now able to stick my nose into other people’s business for a good cause, find a murderer, and pick up helpful tips from an incredibly attractive detective.

Come check out my story and be thankful your life is relatively normal.


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