The Bishop Briggs Experience 

Music is everything to me. I work to music. I fall asleep listening to music. I drive, exercise, read, think, and write to music. Where would I be without a good playlist? Honestly, I don’t want to find out.

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It’s not often that an artist actually grabs my attention and latches onto my soul. Oh, but when it does, it’s the best feeling ever! The adrenaline tied to discovering a new favorite artist makes life ten times better. The singer who is currently running through my veins is British musician, Bishop Briggs. 

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Bishop Briggs is a name I hope to hear more often in the circles of music lovers as well as in the media. Briggs’ soothing voice combined with hypnotic music productions, and dramatic lyrics gave birth to soul touching songs like, River, The Way I Do, Wild Horses, and Pray (Empty Gun). With each song, Briggs passionately delivers more than a song. Her music opens your mind and takes you out of reality and places you on a journey. It places you in a story that captures you with her vocals, lyrics, and music production. Bishop Briggs delivers an experience  like no other. With each verse, an emotional connection is established between you and the music. 

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If you are ready to experience music like never before, check out Bishop Briggs. Below you will find links for her music, social media, and more. 

***Bishop Briggs is currently on tour. Check out her website for tour dates.***


Twitter: @thatgirlbishop

SoundCloud: thatgirlbishop

Spotify: Bishop Briggs

YouTube: BishopBriggsVEVO 

Facebook: @thatgirlbishop


Pressure by Cashmase on #SoundCloud

If you haven’t listened to this song yet. You need to check it out. This is some music you can chill and relax to. The vocals, lyrics, and production are all you need to unwind. 

Click on the link above and listen to this hit on SoundCloud right now. 

Go With The Flow (prod. Dreamlife) by Vares on #SoundCloud

Listening to some good music and relaxing today. 

Nao – Apple Cherry – SoundCloud

Listen to Nao – Apple Cherry by Nao #np on #SoundCloud

K. A. Smith


Nao – Zillionaire – SoundCloud

Listen to Nao – Zillionaire by Nao #np on #SoundCloud

K. A. Smith


Lyrics I Love: This Used To Be My Playground

It’s Friday, so I will be discussing lyrics I love from songs I love even more. Today’s lyrics are from This Used To Be My Playground, by Madonna. The lyrics I love are:

This used to be my playground (used to be)
This used to be my childhood dream
This used to be the place I ran to
Whenever I was in need
Of a friend
Why did it have to end

We all have a special place or person we rely on to be there for us during difficult times in our lives. There are also times when that comfort zone is nothing but a memory.

I see the storyteller at an old forgotten house, during the late night hours. Maybe where she grew up or possibly spent a lot of time. Perhaps she has been faced with a life altering event, and her safe and familiar place is her escape. She has returned to  this safe place only to find it is not the same. It seems there is a special person she shared this place with, and their absence has caused her some upset.

The song appears to be about wanting to return to the past, but not being able to. Also, in other lyrics of the song, the storyteller has been warned on more than one occasion to let go of what used to be.

This lyrics, the melody, and of course the singer (Madonna) come together for a beautiful story in song.

Lyrics can be interpreted differently, depending on the person. These are only my views on the lyrics I love. I welcome your take on the lyrics meanings.

***Lyrics can be found here ***

Watch the video here Madonna – This Used To Be My Playground (Video):

K. A. Smith

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